Easy-to-use task automation with IF by IFTTT

IFTTT’s app, called simply IF, (available for Android, iPhone and iPad) is a beautifully-designed app that offers simple task automation. The entire service is built on cause and effect: “If I miss call from my family members, then text them,” or “If my battery is low, turn off the Wifi.” Every “If this, then that” scenario is called a recipe.

Some Popular ways to use IF are

  • Post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos
  • Save your favorite tweets to Evernote
  • Message roommates when you’re at the local grocery
  • Share Facebook status updates on Tumblr or LinkedIn
  • Get an email when a new apartment matches your Craigslist search
  • Post videos you like on YouTube or Vimeo to a blog
  • Thousands more Recipes!


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