HTML Reference

<title>Things to remember</title>
1.    Close all tags.
2.    Always use lowercase.
3.    Always quote attribute value.
<h1>Important headings</h1>
<h6>Less important headings </h6>
<p>Paragraph tag</p>
Line breaks
<br />
Text formatting
<code>Computer code</code>
<!–comment goes here –>
Horizontal line
<hr />
<img src=”image.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ alt=”Just an image”/>
Link to another page
<a href=”list.php”>List</a>

Link to another site
<a href=””>Google</a>

Anchored link
To create anchor
<a name=”Lens”>Lens</a>
To create link
<a href=”#lens”>Lens</a>
Image as a link
<a href=”another_page.html”><img src=”image.jpg” alt=”image description”></a>
Open link in new Tab or Window
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Google in new tab</a>

Bulleted list
<ul type=”disc”>
Numbered list
<ol type=”1″ start=”1″>

Defination list
    <dd>one = 1 = ek</dd>
    <dd>Two = 2 = dui</dd>
<table border=”1″>
    <th>Head 1</th>
    <th>Head 2</th>
    <th>Head 3</th>
    <td>Cell 11</td>
    <td>Cell 12</td>
    <td>Cell 13</td>
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