UnlockYourBrain : Learning on the Lockscreen

Unlocking Screen

Unlocking ScreenYour unlock screen becomes your training center. You unlock your phone 60 times a day? Now you can train your brain 60 times a day!

Learn a language
Vocab Mode teaches you everything you need to know to pick up a new language, or master one you already know. You can learn in any combination of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Improve logical thinking and concentration skills
Being good at mental arithmetic can boost your overall brain fitness, not to mention improving your performance at the supermarket cashier or with the restaurant bill.

Research-based approach
University of Potsdam proved: UnlockYourBrain works! We use the latest research in cognitive science to make learning as fun and easy as possible.

Get to know your brain
Easily track the times your brainpower peaks or drops down during the day, week, or even year.

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